Indian by birth and in my youth. American by education, career and most of my adult life. Until now, that is. It’s full circle back to India (for awhile at least).

On the one hand, I just want to enjoy and experience India.  I want to breathe in the air, feel the rhythm and live the culture – in my own “hybridized” way.

On the other hand, I want to be an observer of  everything from an unseen vantage point. I want to see what’s good about it now and what’s not (strictly my opinion, of course), as well as what’s changed and what has remained much the same as my memories of other times spent in India.

This is where I will record my feelings and observations – vignettes, opinions and simple things that happen along the way.  I can’t think of a better way to capture what I see, feel and think than writing about them.  And this is the only way I believe that I will remember all over again, someday when.  I will remember those fleeting moments, the cherished times and the deeper encounters of a new life in my old country.

So, this then is ultimately for myself.  The record of one woman’s fresh, new journey in India. In Mumbai – dare I say, the real pulse of India.

Marine Drive, Mumbai – Courtesy: vishalphotography.com

Update – 2013

When I started this blog in 2011, I thought I would have at least two years to experience my new life in new India. A couple of months before the two years was up, I got an unexpected opportunity to return to the US. 

So I packed my bags and returned home. With rooms full of memories. So far, I have continued blogging…it’s a disease! 🙂

So what if I’m not living in India anymore? It’s not like I’m ever going to forget India. And I still have lots to write down so let’s see how my new journey goes…


Maansi can be contacted by email at yyindia2011@gmail.com.


  1. nirbhayasindia

    Nice blog. Yes, Bombay has a way of pulling you back every now and then.
    ‘Following’ you on your blog. . . .

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