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Jon Stewart on The Donald and Sarah’s Pizza Date

Surely you don’t want to miss this!

EPIC Jon Stewart and an extra special Daily Show!

Click here and it will take you to directly to this 7.5 minute (too short!) comedy video bonanza.  Jon’s crazy mad about something…find out just what it is.  And don’t you just love the picture and headline?

The Daily Show, June 2, 2011

P.S. I’ve got better things to do than to write about strange and bizarre personalities (and I definitely don’t mean you, Jon!).  I’ve got to stop this; it’s like a disease…all this hilarious material is literally being thrown at me all at once and I am simply unable to ignore it. I mean, Jon Stewart talking about the pizza date.  How can I pass that up?

But.  I’ve got to stop. It’s ruining my intentions for this blog and messing with ahem… more serious-minded posts that have been or are waiting to be written – it’s almost as if gremlins from the US are sneaking in and trying to take it over!   😉

And, Steven Colbert, we really don’t need your inimitable take on this subject now; I’m rolling on the floor as it is. Please. Help!



Scary things are happening in the US

Over this past weekend, Sarah Palin rode into Washington DC on a motorcycle (!)  and of course the accomodating media captured it. Based on various activities over the past few days, it appears that Ms.Palin is readying herself to announce her candidacy to run for President in 2012. Stranger things have happened. Or have they?

The GOP is struggling to find the right voice and leader to take their party forward in 2012 by defeating Obama. It will be interesting to see if they consider her to be that right one.

Although dated, the picture below comes closes to capturing my sentiments about Ms.Palin.  I believe it depicts her quite appropriately; no issues at all with her being the chief guest at the Little Norway Festival. I especially love her Nordic costumed background players (although I honestly do wonder if she knows what and where Norway is).  But, President? Come on.

Don’t you look at me that way!  Over the past couple of weeks, it was reported that even Fox News (yes, FOX) Chief Roger Alies called Palin an idiot and “stupid” (see page 2).

All in all, it’s extremely difficult to grasp whether to laugh or cry at the incongruous prospect of people (including herself) actually considering her qualified of being the next President of the world’s super power. Is this even happening?  Or has some funky, new TV reality show in the US taken on an aura of reality?

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speaking May 19, 2007 in Petersburg, Alaska, following the Little Norway Pageant at the Petersburg's 2007 Little Norway Festival.


Photo: By Ryan McFarland from Petersburg, AK ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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