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Getting ready for US Presidential Elections 2012 [Video]

Maybe I just have a hankering for home at the moment, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the next US elections. I feel like it’s getting to be that time. Imagine less than 18 months to go!  😉

We need to dust off our memories and remember the tragedies of 2000 and 2004. Along with that, we can also remember the joy of victory in 2008.  To this end, and as a remembrance, it’s appropriate to watch this video I’m Voting…Republican (thanks for reminding us).

Take 3.5 minutes out of your busy schedule to watch and remember why.

It’s especially telling for those of you who are disappointed with the current administration’s progress on many fronts. It’s time to get out of that funk! See what could happen if the other side takes charge. Gulp! This is truly scary stuff.

And, if you’re not American, I heard somewhere that what happens in America sometimes affects other parts of the world…so it might be worth a watch for you too.



Meanwhile, back at home…

It’s insanity!  There are two active wars raging on (not counting whatever it is called that is happening in Libya!), a badly damaged economy that sees only weak signs of recovery, killer storms striking the South and other parts of the country, a budget that needs to be addressed…and guess what a top story of the last few days was?

Questions (and answers) about President Obama’s birth country!!

President Obama

Folks, I am working very hard in India and missing some of you (not the birthers!).  Please, could you get busy and get back to work?   Get that country back in shape, if you please.

And, Donald, buddy, you can help by going back to work and doing your part to create new jobs for the U.S.  Please forget about creating a new job for yourself.  We really don’t want you there.  You really think you can compare yourself to this man?   Dream on, buddy.

And, just for the fun of it, here is a marked-up version of the birth certificate that the White House released this week. Yes, they had to publicly release Obama’s birth certificate!  Madness!!!

Update on May 2nd: Watch President Obama (Comedian-in-Chief for the night) skewer the Donald at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 30, as Donald watched and fumed.  Seth Meyers (SNL) followed and he was even better!

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