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Autorickshaw Programmer!

Have a look at this photograph.   Yes, it’s an actual photograph of real life in Mumbai…

It was taken on a busy weekday morning when the city was getting to work. The location is an industrial/business center called MIDC in Andheri, Mumbai. So, here is a programmer, so dedicated that he is working on his laptop on his way to the office…in an autorickshaw! Ever been in one? It’s not what I would term a comfort ride!

I think this photograph needs to be used by IT majors in this country to show their customers and prospects in the Western world just how resourceful, hard working and dedicated their IT teams are, and what great value global companies can get from outsourcing to India!

Photo by

P.S. Actually, what I think he’s doing is talking to his friends on FB.  🙂


India says:I want a better quality of life.

“I want a better quality of life”. This phrase and battle cry, I believe, is what is transforming India today. It will also continue to make this country tick in spite of all odds.

The human motivation for a better quality of life is not measurable, but it is certainly palpable. Here in India, it is an underlying human energy that is gathering steam and taking on a life of its own.

I look at India and I see major dichotomy (doesn’t everyone?). Let me group my thoughts into two high-level categories that I will call the bad news and the good news.

The Bad News (let’s get it over with first!):

  • Corruption at all Levels of Government
  • Looting of the Treasury by Bureaucrats
  • The Parallel Cash Economy and the Scourge of Black Money
  • Ineffective Government Services for All Citizens
  • More Poverty than there should be!
  • Lack of  adequate Far-thinking, Honest, Visionary Public Sector Leadership
The Good News (aren’t you glad we have some?):

The following cannot be changed or stopped: each person’s innate need and wish to continually improve his or her quality of life – especially once they have had a taste of what is possible.  

The resulting motivation is so significant that it has the power to exponentially multiply and transform worlds.   Witness the ongoing transformation in India!

A person who has had his eyes opened to possibilities will reach for that better quality of life, even if it’s one step at a time.

Added all together, this will reach gigantic proportions at various economic strata, and therein – in these vast numbers – lies the magic.

That is why economic progress here can only increase and propagate. With its momentum and gathering force,  no one will be able to stop it – not even an ineffective government.  Think of it as a runaway train.  But one that is headed to a good place.

Final Thought: What is the true potential of  this country if it did not have to deal with so much of the bad news?

Photo: By Lakshmi Prabhala [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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