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Follow-up: On India Shining

I’m no journalist or economist, just a deeply interested observer who happens to write a blog. A few posts ago was one that I called Oh, India Shining, Wherefore Art Thou?. In it were my simple layperson observations about the stories we have told ourselves about this country and what I was seeing on the ground today.  

One of the more insightful publications I try to find time to read is Foreign PolicyAs I was casually looking through the latest Foreign Policy news today, I spied this article:

Think Again: India’s Rise

“Is the world’s largest democracy ready for prime time, or forever a B-list player on the global stage?”

This is truly the professional’s version of what I was trying to say, containing a whole lot more perspectives, insight, research and opinions than I could dream of having or conveying. [The argument is written by Sumit Ganguly who holds the Rabindranath Tagore chair in Indian cultures and civilizations at Indiana University in Bloomington and is a senior fellow with the Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute].

It’s certainly worth reading if you have an interest in this topic but fair warning – read it only if you are ready to hear a more balanced opinion on the India Rising hype-story.



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