One word. Lincoln.

Holy cow! My wish was granted. I’m on my return journey and pen is to paper again. Given my travel schedule these days, in-flight may be the only time I will be able to blog anymore (has “blog” become a verb now?) .

This may be old news to you by now but as I am saving movies for my long haul flights (or vice versa), I am a bit late to the game with “new releases”.

After having recently read one of many biographies of Abraham Lincoln, I was looking forward to Spielberg’s production.

I figured there was not much that could go wrong.  What with Spielberg + Daniel Day Lewis + an awesome supporting cast including Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones. [And when exactly did James Spader get so plump?].

Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Yep, it was as fabulous as expected.  And more. On two occasions, I found myself getting very emotional. Wanting to bawl but merely (surreptitiously) wiping copious tears.

The first was when the 13th amendment actually passed in the house. The second when Lincoln was assassinated. We all know the history. But still.

And frankly, although the genius of Spielberg/Day Lewis was what made me cry, I was in fact getting more affected by the real  history – the real man and legendary President.  

It was about that Abraham Lincoln and what he managed to accomplish for the country and its future generations (forever). Wow. And today, we are able to elect a black man to be President*. Pinch me.

So, if you haven’t got down to it yet. Go. Watch.

Get humbled once again by the greatness of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln

* Here’s something funny. Or sad. Those “Democrats” of that time period, the ones especially from the South who fought so hard against the emancipation of slaves – want to bet I can find hundreds – no, thousands of them even today? Only today, they may be called by a different name. Ironical and sad, but true.



Well, after I watched this greatness, I switched gears completely.

And then I knew I was really watching a movie, not history. 🙂

When you spend 20+ hours on an airplane, twice in three days you’re allowed to pass time this way. Now this one – it could have been Hollywood or Bollywood, same difference. The hunk in question was (a very hot) Richard Gere (at sixty!!!) in a movie called Arbitrage, a masala movie if ever there was one, albeit one of the smarter ones.

This, you are allowed to skip. Of course, it depends on what you’re after. 😉




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