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Giving Thanks. In Paris.


Aah Paris, thank you for showing us such a wonderful time. I had forgotten how beautiful and special you were!

Revisiting famed sites and discovering unexplored ones with friends and family – you provided the perfect (if cold) backdrop for a Thanksgiving holiday to remember for all of us. All sixteen of us!


  • Heavenly baguettes from sidewalk cafes (that made me throw my low-carb lifestyle out the window for five whole days)
  • Mostly good and some not-so-good (yes, they exist) French wine
  • Walking, walking and more walking until our feet could take it no more

All of it added to a holiday full of memories.

There was no Thanksgiving turkey, no Black Friday and not even a Cyber Monday.

Just love, laughter and creating fabulous memories of a Thanksgiving in Paris.

Simply unforgettable!

ironbowl tragedy


Only one minor (okay, major for one) tragedy marred the time there – a jinxed* Alabama loss in the Ironbowl (did I say, unforgettable??!)




*Allegedly jinxed by yours truly…by being too cocky before the game. That did Alabama in? Hah!


Here goes then, a slideshow of our Paris this Thanksgiving – a set of captured memories of this fabulous city for my future look-backs.

But hey you might find them of interest too…interesting enough to plan a visit of your own. You won’t regret it!

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