People Power!

India – I landed here around midnight and jet lag has meant no sleep since then. So, I am sitting here like a zombie watching TV as the election results of the largest democracy in the world are announced.

TV screen election results

There’s absolutely no doubt that the people of India have spoken – loudly and clearly. I mean, could they have been any more loud or any more clear?

A new party and its leader have swept into power across the country, emerging more victorious than even the most optimistic of predictions. The Congress party has been decimated (deservedly so).

I just wish they would stop calling it a tsunami! I have never seen any good come out of tsunamis, have you? And my fear is already high up there.

There are very few times when I have wished and wanted to be proven wrong. This is absolutely one of those! May all my fears be for naught and may the hopes for the future of this nation be fulfilled.



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