Lean and Mean!

Warning: This is my geeky post.

Several months (a few years?) ago when I first heard about Microsoft’s new Surface, I had written about it with much excitement. Then, when Version 1 shipped, the general reaction appeared to be “meh”.  I was sorry to hear that. Then I forgot about it.

I was reminded about it again when a colleague was using the second generation of this device in one of our meetings recently. It looked awesome. He said it was awesome. And I was hooked again.

The timing was right because Version 3 was about to ship. Whatever flaws it had earlier with the design and machine had  reportedly been fixed. So, as soon as I could, I pre-ordered it.

This week, I received it – Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and what a sweet, sweet thing it is!  The tablet that can replace your laptop. Heck, yes – they got that right!


It is everything I had raved about before I had even set eyes on it. And more.

I don’t need a laptop, I don’t need an iPad (still can’t figure out how to use one for real work!).  As I write this using my new Microsoft Surface Pro, I know it’s all I need – it brings both together into one piece of awesomeness.

BTW, in case I need to clarify, I have no affiliation whatsoever with Microsoft; I don’t even own a single share of its stock. I wish I did. And while I admit Bill Gates is my hero, this post has nothing to do with that either. It’s just my happy, geeky side showing off. Are you jealous yet? You will, once you get a chance to touch and feel this lean, mean, bad machine!





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