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No Jinx On This Holiday

We spent Thanksgiving holidays in Paris in 2013. That was the time of the infamous Alabama-Auburn college football game which the kids watched (in horror) in some expat bar, as Auburn shocked Alabama to win in the final play/second of the game. Those poor Parisians watching American football for the first time were likely confounded…this was how those crazy Americans played the game?  🙂

Alabama and football will never live that down. Neither will I, because (according to the kids) I apparently jinxed that game by calling Alabama the victor before it had even started. Oh well. It was only football.

After I wrote a post a few weeks back about my upcoming delightful journey to India with the entire family, I felt a twinge of discomfort. Had I jinxed that as well by calling it in advance?

Now that everyone is back Stateside, safe and sound, after a wonderful time during the holidays, I feel relieved.

What a trip it was! A time to make many new memories that will live on for a long time. Fabulous (and rare) family time, sight-seeing, R&R, partying, crazy traffic, delicious home cooked food….a lot of experiences crammed into too little time together (crazy Bangalore traffic I could do without! What happened to you, beautiful Bangalore?).

Hard to capture everything in one collage!

Hard to capture everything in one collage!

Apparently, I didn’t jinx the delightful journey after all.  It even exceeded my high expectations.

Kids can say whatever, but this assures me that I didn’t jinx that awful football game in 2013 either. Obviously, it was a (bad) fluke.  It also gives me renewed confidence. I do believe I will continue to make my predictions on Alabama games in the future too.  So, okay, last night’s game was another fluke. Crap happens. 😦

Happy New Year, ya’ll!




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