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I have been watching with shock the news reports that have been rolling out piecemeal about Bill Cosby and the rape allegations. Do you feel like you’ve been hit over the head like I have?

It’s disgusting to think that a man we admired and revered so much has huge feet of clay.  Or worse.

Bill Cosby was a staple way back when. Between the family values of The Cosby Show and some of his most memorable stand-up comedy, Bill Cosby was appreciated, admired, applauded and cherished. Not the actor. The man. In fact, while his show demonstrated family values in a fictional family, he went more than a step beyond it (and pretended) to truly embody “family values”.



It’s hard to believe the serial rapist we have been hearing about lately is the same guy. Talk about misled loyalties!

We’ve all been fooled, deluded, deceived and wronged. And that’s not counting the women who he drugged, assaulted and violated.

Sure, The Cosby Show was fiction. But Bill Cosby was an icon.

Now he just appears creepy and revolting. Will he pay for his crimes? I hope so. No talent, however great it may be, in any way excuses his detestable actions.

Things seem to be unraveling now.  Why only now?  Here’s a snippet from a recent article published in the NY Times (worth reading):

cosby ny times excerpt

Yep, you (and your enablers) sure fooled us, Mr. Cosby.  



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