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Discovering Great Dining in Mumbai -Goan

As I unravel this city, I find that the things that you can do really well in Mumbai are: eat, drink, shop, party.  Not that I am overly prone to any of these decadent activities…. 😉

However, on those rare occasions when I do find something worthy of time and enjoyment, seems like I should record it, for posterity’s sake if nothing else, don’t you?

So, here then is my first post on a highly recommended (by me) dining destination in Mumbai. Actually, I kinda have a feeling this post is the first of many such, as there are numerous stomach-worthy destinations of all kinds and shapes in the city!

This one is a Goan place, with all kinds of fish specialties – but also sumptuous chicken dishes. Sorry, but I don’t recall actually trying any vegie stuff!  They have a Fish Thali that’s mmm… delicious and all Goan.  The place housing the restaurant definitely has character, and the ambiance can be described as casual, homey, charming, vintage and having personality. I had originally said it is “to die for” but I was wrong; you can probably say that about some of the delectable dishes though. And, frankly, it has ridiculously reasonable prices (I spot an oxymoron in there, somewhere).

Before I get too carried away, let me tell you what and where it is.  The place is called  Soul Fry Casa (see picture below) and is in downtown Mumbai in Fort/Kala Ghoda, a few shops down from the Fab India store located there.

If you want to really relish the food, you might want to start off with a “chilly vodka” shot from the bar.  Spicy and yummy, like the food!

Soul Fry Casa, Mumbai

Address and stuff:  111,Currimjee Bldg, Opp Mumbai University, M.G.Road, Fort, Mumbai. Tel: +91 22 22671421

Thanks to Vishal, Sandhya and Shanthini for the photographs.

Just inside the you see what I mean by "character"?

View from upstairs dining...check out the ceiling and railing. Nice!

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