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Hello Again!

Every once in a while it pays to visit New York city.

It doesn’t really matter where you’re from or where you live.  Even a short touch-down makes an impact. But it has to be in “the city“, not one of the friendly, neighborhood boroughs (meh).

Either you will shake your head at the insanity of it all and want to head home as quickly as possible because you can’t take the heat (even in winter).

Or like me, you will breathe it in deeply to embrace and absorb that frenetic pace and energy. Hoping that it will sustain you for some time, even once you leave and head back into the more calm and collected auras that the rest of the world seems to desire.


Really, all it takes is a couple of days. It feels like a massive wave of energy is sweeping through you and over you – one that is peppered with jolting sparks – probably like the effects of a performance enhancing drug (that’s just my imagination speaking, ya’ll!).

They don’t call it the big apple, the best-est and the baddest with the most-est, for nothing.

Two days is all it took for me. I’m still feeling that jolt – no doubt it will level off as I adapt back into tamer surroundings (i.e. anywhere else in the world).

Oh okay, let me just say it,  NY.

If you ever felt like you needed some shaking and some stirring in your life, don’t wait, just head for the city. It’s go,go,go,go…where people only know how to move fast, think fast, act fast.

Has anyone ever seen an ambling pedestrian on the streets of Manhattan?  I rest my case.

All you have to do is be there and simply let the whirlwind swirl around you and lift you up.

ny city street scene with people walking

P.S. If you are from anywhere else in the country, be prepared for New Yawkers to look at you like you are a totally foreign being. And, god forbid, if you are from south of the Mason-Dixon line, you may as well be an alien from outer space.


P.S. Again – Check out this amazing time lapse short video that I happened upon. This stunning video captures the essence and energy of NYC like no other. Just click on the picture below to watch. And love.



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