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Why so Tao?

Let me get the basics out of the way.  Like for instance, why this name for my blog? Blogging pros say that it is important to name a blog such that it is “ISM” – Informative, Short and Memorable.   I don’t know about the other two, but I do know it does not meet the standards of “S”.

The Tao Concept of Yin and Yang

The Tao Concept of Yin and Yang

So, what’s so zen about yin and yang?  If you are interested, I found a fabulous post about these concepts that really laid it out in plain and simple English.   But, if you are too lazy to make yourself go there, here is the short and sweet version:

Yin and Yang are essentially the nature of change, balanced as two halves of a whole.

Just pause and think about that for awhile.  That’s profound.  It says that if you don’t taste the bad, you won’t feel the good.   That long and short define each other.   Night and day, male and female, high and low and the list goes on.

But, let me go back to that first definition:

The nature of change


As two halves

Of a whole.

All of that, to me, describes the essence of India today.  And, here on this blog, it will be India experienced and India lived.  It will sometimes be India loved and other times India disliked.  And finally it will be India decoded (is that even possible?!) and India described.

So now, is the name Informative and Memorable enough for you?

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