Aamir Khan Continues to Shake-up India’s Conscience

An Expedition Begins

The first episode of Satyemev Jayete had its impact of shock and awe.

Trust Mr. Perfectionist to maintain a perfect record. The show has had several episodes now, one added every week. And each one  has made itself felt, succeeding in making a profound impression and impact. It has made us deeply aware of hard-hitting and difficult issues that people are facing in India. These are issues that often lurk around, so uncomfortable that they generally remain hidden away, ignored and swept under the carpet.

The Journey So Far: Stunning & Overwhelming

 He has now tackled these weighty topics:

Child Sexual Abuse

Indian Weddings and Dowry

Medical Fraud

Love and Honor Killings 

Handling Disabilities in India

Domestic Violence

Pesticide Abuse Harming Health

The bottom line is that each episode is worth its weight in gold.  The visual snip below gives you an idea of the holistic coverage that each topic receives (this sample is the one on Love and Honor Killings).

It’s All About Real Stories

Not only is the significant issue in question illustrated through the use of real stories that touch you, move you and pull you in, this is combined with deep research and expert opinions. To top it off, it’s not just a discussion of problems and issues. Practical solutions are proposed, and enhanced with real world examples of success or resolution.

Given that these are such serious issues, one would think that they don’t make for “entertainment” or regular viewership. They sure sound like boring documentaries, don’t they?

Yet each has been presented so well that as I watch, I become totally immersed in the issue being discussed. It does not even matter that I don’t care much about a particular issue. In addition to making me aware of it from a 360 degree perspective, I find that I am paying close attention and yes, caring. That’s largely because of the sensitivity, humanity, depth and authenticity of the presentation.

Now, I’m sounding like an advertisement for Satyamev Jayate! Well, so be it.

If you have even a morsel of interest or are concerned enough to learn about some of the endemic and grave societal, economic or cultural issues facing India, you would do yourself a mighty favor by watching the show. I admit this may not be for everyone, but what do you have to lose?

Can you say IMPACT?

If it triggers even 10%…make that 1% of the viewers of any episode  to think twice or make changes or personally commit to address related issues – why, then it’s all been so worth it.

However, it’s impact appears to have been larger.

For example, this: Lok Sabha passes child protection bill courtesy Aamir.

Click on this picture snipped from the show’s website to see more about what they are saying about the impact being made:

An initiative like this could not have been conceived and implemented without considerable thought, intellect and investment (financial and emotional). Never could I have imagined that someone from Bollywood – even someone like him – would take upon themselves the degree of ownership and responsibility to produce (at great risk indeed) such a significant and sweeping portrayal of national human issues. Not simple ones either but extremely serious, controversial and sensitive ones that face this country. It makes this initiative that much more awe-inspiring.

I’m hooked, can you tell? I’m half way around the world and unable to view this program on TV for a couple of weeks, but I still managed to stay caught up with the recordings posted online.

It’s time to once again thank Aamir Khan for the social crusader that he has become. And for bringing to India and Indians something that is daring, thought-provoking and exceptional. It’s a game-changer and so much more breathtaking than mere entertainment could ever be.

So, what are you watching?



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