Reprise: The Best Pani Puri in the World

You would think that with only a couple of posts left to write while living in India, I would pick a topic that is as profound as it is spiritual and deep…but noooooo, I’m writing about, of all things, pani puri!  

Heck, I didn’t even know that I loved pani puri so much until I tasted it here!

So, before I depart and just in case there are some poor souls left in the vicinity who have not tried them, I simply had to celebrate this Mumbai special. Even though I am repeating myself.

As new information, I can only tell you that in these couple of years I have tried other joints where various friends claimed that you could get “the absolutely best pani puri”.


Kailash Parbat, that place in Juhu, this place in Sobo, or the other one in Bandra.  Whatever. I’ve tried quite a few.

And the winner is the same one that I had written about when I first arrived in Mumbai.

That’s Elco Pani Puri Center on Hill Road in Bandra (W)…look, someone even took the trouble of video-taping this deliciousness.

Don’t settle for anything but the best.

Go. Eat. Enjoy!

Crowds with discriminating taste for pani puri at ELCO


Guess where you will find me stopping by during my one remaining weekend here?


I shall miss you, Elco.  Therefore, I will be back.  🙂

Do save some for me!



Photography: Vishal


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  1. chat street is a diiferent world see every where mouth watering chats

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