A Message of Hope from Bono

Back to one of my favorite topics – TED talks that inspire.

In the past, I have combined several such TED talks,  bundling them up in a post to hopefully inspire a few others as well, if not with all of them, then with some.

This time my focus is on just this one.  Because it’s worth it.

This is a recent TED talk by Bono, the rock star activist.  Or is that the activist rock star?

Doesn’t matter, because either way he brings a message of hope to the world.

It’s encapsulated in this 13 minute TED talk.  Take a watch.  Then, pause. Get inspired and get involved. What’s stopping you?

TED Talk by Bono: The good news on poverty (2013)

So, whaddya think?

He made some profound statements about how we can change the world. I’ve had to go back and watch it more than once. What gives this talk such credibility is that these are not mere words. They are backed up by solid actions and facts.


One last thing.

Don’t forget to get involved!  Every voice matters.  Check out one.org to see how (and why) you can make a difference.





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