Bollywood Shollywood!

It used to be that if we wanted to see a Bollywood film in the theaters here in the U.S., a special screening would be organized for us by someone in the local Indian community. But more often now, the larger distributors are bringing Bollywood films to the theaters here, even in podunk-town USA.

Now, I wish that they wouldn’t bother.

Last Saturday, I made the time to go see a new release. All because I believed what I heard. It was hyped by Indian media as a movie worth seeing, entering the 100-crore club, a super hit, yada yada yada…

What a waste of precious time on a piece of nonsense!

What are these so-called movie critics smoking anyway?


And when is Bollywood going to get its act together to produce more quality and less junk? Ever?

It makes me mad to see such a waste of talent too! All of them working on piles of rubbish, while there is an audience clamoring for something that is actually worth watching.

And here’s an editorial explaining why this particular movie was such a ‘historic blockbuster’.

“A good-looking, lavish love story with a happy ending that is full of heart, the film has in its own way, revived the era of youthful romances and perhaps put an end to tacky-crass;” 

Really? Come on, Bollywood watchers. Time to up your standards!

This time, I have only myself to blame and should have known better! My gut said no but all those reviews and accolades…perhaps there was some truth to them? I’m a realist, I wasn’t looking for anything that was Oscar-worthy, just something that was not so cringe-worthy.

Next time, I will check references more carefully; I will ask people who I know and whose judgement I trust.  There’s a lot I could have done during those three hours that would have been better for me – work, read, write, even sleep.

I was simply going to wait for the next Aamir Khan movie where you are at least assured of relatively high quality fare but got duped into this waste of time and money.

Live and learn. Again.

Aamir Khan's Next




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  1. Totallly agree with you on this ‘new release’. Absolute waste of time. Thankfully I spent $2 on the DVD which after the first 10 minutes wasn’t even worth fast forwarding.

    • We spent 15 bucks on this ‘blockbuster’, but it’s the sheer waste of time that gets me! 😦
      At least I got a blog post out of it. 🙂

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