It’s not New York. But Chicago…

Yes, Chicago comes in a close second. Chicago in the summer, that is.

I came for business and stayed for a fun-filled weekend with friends in the city.

The weather was perfect – the kind that Southern California is always crowing about (and Chicago is not). And when it’s like that, Chicago comes out to play. In droves.

Chicago actually becomes unbeatable.

When you think about it, this is such an underrated city. Like the Midwest, in general. Taking on the solid, down-to-earth, unassuming qualities of a typical Midwesterner.

Yet it has everything. In droves. Chicago really deserves more respect!

It has fabulous architecture. Surrounded equally by land and water. Fantastic shopping. Super dining. Awesome music. Not to mention lots of opportunities to walk and to play. And did I say, warm and friendly people?

Now, if this visit had been in winter, I just might be singing a different song. But in the summer. ..

Why, I would rate Chicago in summer right up there as one of the best, must-see places in the world to visit before you die. No question!

Of course, you might need friends like mine – Jan and Tom – to really show you a great time. Thanks guys for going all out to show me the city that you so obviously love –  my visit was wonderfully, absolutely memorable!*


* Even the six mile Sunday walk in the sun; I know I needed the exercise! Come to think of it, I walked more this weekend than I have in a long, long while. About time!


And here are the pictures to prove everything I said above:

[Click on one to see a slide show]


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