Putin Writes to America. Yes, That Putin.

Have we just had a narrow escape from another war? From all the hemming and hawing and self-contradicting statements made by President Obama in his address to the nation on Tuesday, it sure sounded like it.

Maybe it’s just a postponement. But may be not.

At a minimum, we have a reprieve.

Look around the country, look around the world, and it doesn’t look like anyone wants another war.

And yet, how does the world ignore the atrocities committed (allegedly!) by the Syrian government on its own people?

Amazingly, Russia may just have a solution for the world and for the United States to avoid military conflict.

obama and putin

Today’s New York Times had a special op-ed.  A very special one.  

Written by none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin it is his message to America. And Obama.

Unprecedented, you say? Quite.

Not all his statements are ones that I can agree to nor is his sincerity above question, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some messages here that simply make a lot of sense. There is a certain clarity in his words that was missing when President Obama spoke earlier this week.  

I will be honest. As an American, somehow that’s not an easy thing to say. There’s an inherent pro-American distrust built into our psyche about someone like Putin.

Be that as it may, I thought it was special enough to have a special post on his write-up.  It’s my way of saying it’s definitely worth your spending a few minutes to read what he has to say about Syria, war and the world today. Oh yes, and about the United States of America!




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