What will Save the World?


Remember my hero?

Well, he’s back again on my blog.

Nah, not Superman, not the world’s sexiest man, not even George Clooney or any other H/Bollywood superstar.

It’s Bill Gates.

Time to read up on another exclusive interview of the man, my hero.  This time from FT.

Click here to read the entire article.

I wish I could include some exceptional excerpts from the interview for those Cliff Notes idolizers. However, FT has some strict copyright laws that are simply not worth breaking. Even if those excerpts would be there simply to induce you to read the entire piece.

For a man with the kind of technology lineage he has, this is an interview where he continues to show how he has evolved as a human and a philanthropist. He simply doesn’t believe that technology is the cure for the world’s problems. So, in his words then, what has more potential to save the world?

Here again is the link to the entire article (that is totally worth reading!).



One small slice of what The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is giving back to humanity; this initiative is part of their goal to eradicate polio globally –


Children crossing the border from Pakistan to Afghanistan are given oral polio vaccine through a program implemented by Rotary International [according to the FT article, in Pakistan, the Taliban has taken to bombing vaccination teams, accusing them of being in cahoots with the CIA].

And here and here , write-ups (including from The Gates Foundation) on the latest reports of a polio outbreak in Syria.





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