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Delhi Rejoices. India Next?

In November 2012, a mere year ago, a new (new in every sense of the word!) political party was born in India.  The first election it contested was just months later.

This week, that party’s leader was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Delhi. That’s unprecedented, by any account.


I simply can’t get over it.

To my idealistic mind, it appears to be a critical turning point, ending all doubts about whether the principled road of a few activists could transform into a government of the people. This one has all the makings of a revolution in the current  Indian political landscape of the corrupt and the uncaring.

How could this happen? Was it luck? Hard work? Brilliant marketing?

Or simply, necessity?

Unparalleled as this scenario has been in speed and effectiveness, all one needs to do is put themselves in the mind of the ‘ordinary person‘ in India.  As avarice and corruption took on new heights during the past few years and as it grew grossly out of all proportion, there was no one there to help him move ahead in life.

What the Aam Aadmi Party has done is completely turn the political situation on its head by offering a beacon of hope to that same ordinary citizen. Instead of being served by him, the party is offering real service to him.

Consider that the voting populace of India is made up of several hundreds of millions of ordinary people (after eliminating some 300 million that comprise the middle and upper classes) yearning for just this kind of message. Even if you take just a fraction of them who are sick and tired of a government that works for itself rather than its people, you can see that this party won out of necessity in the microcosm that is Delhi.


If this party and its leader could do that in Delhi, what kind of storm can it bring about in the entire nation, as the elections of the country loom in mid-2014? 

I guess I could be a cynic and say (like others have) that Kejriwal doesn’t stand a chance, he can’t fulfill all his promises, he’s going to get eaten alive by the politics and politicians, he’s not savvy enough (really?), he’s a flash in the pan, blah, blah, blah…

However, I choose not to be one.

What I can do instead is hope. Therefore, I hope…that it’s a Category 5 hurricane strength storm that arrives to begin the badly needed clean up across the country.

Aaah, but to watch that broom sweep aside the dirt that has been gathering for a few decades (none more than the recent one) – what a nice, new rebirth that would be for India! 

Hope springs eternal.


Photos – Source: The Indian Express


First Visit to India

Take a fairly inexperienced global traveler born and bred in the Deep South of the USA and watch in hilarity his reactions during his inaugural visit to India. That’s just what I did on my recent business trip when I accompanied my team to Mumbai.

Lest we get too serene and complacent about the chaos that is India, folks like this are there to remind us just how strange and how much pandemonium there is in the country as it appears to visitors.


The most hilarious thing to watch is their reaction to the traffic. One day, we had to drive from one of the suburbs of Mumbai to the city center in the south. It’s not an easy or short drive for any of us.

But for him! The moans, exclamations and shifting in his seat as this newbie American traveler to India tried to control the vehicle from his passenger seat were priceless to watch.

It’s been a couple of weeks but wanna bet he’s still talking about his experience and how crazy it all was to everyone he meets? 🙂

For anyone who hasn’t had the great pleasure of this experience, here is a short one minute video, obviously taken by another neophyte visitor. It’s called Crazy Road Traffic Mumbai and there’s another one here.

Even if you’re a life long resident of Bombay, you have to admit – this is crazy!

mumbai traffic 2


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