First Visit to India

Take a fairly inexperienced global traveler born and bred in the Deep South of the USA and watch in hilarity his reactions during his inaugural visit to India. That’s just what I did on my recent business trip when I accompanied my team to Mumbai.

Lest we get too serene and complacent about the chaos that is India, folks like this are there to remind us just how strange and how much pandemonium there is in the country as it appears to visitors.


The most hilarious thing to watch is their reaction to the traffic. One day, we had to drive from one of the suburbs of Mumbai to the city center in the south. It’s not an easy or short drive for any of us.

But for him! The moans, exclamations and shifting in his seat as this newbie American traveler to India tried to control the vehicle from his passenger seat were priceless to watch.

It’s been a couple of weeks but wanna bet he’s still talking about his experience and how crazy it all was to everyone he meets? 🙂

For anyone who hasn’t had the great pleasure of this experience, here is a short one minute video, obviously taken by another neophyte visitor. It’s called Crazy Road Traffic Mumbai and there’s another one here.

Even if you’re a life long resident of Bombay, you have to admit – this is crazy!

mumbai traffic 2



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