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A Poignant Little Movie

Every now and again (a long time between waits, to be honest) I run across a sweet, little movie made in India.  Wait, I’ve told this story before, haven’t I? Oh well. Just so you know, I’m not talking about Dhoom 3.

It’s called Listen Amaya, released some time in early 2013, apparently with little fanfare because I had not heard about it at all until a friend mentioned it last night. 

It’s a touching family drama with outstanding direction and great performances.

Perhaps what made it even more poignant was watching the gentleman actor Farooq Shaikh, who unexpectedly  passed away just a couple of weeks ago. A natural, he gave his usual brilliant yet understated performance.  It was only two years ago that I had seen him on stage in Bombay with Shabana Azmi in Tumhari Amrita, a renowned play that these two actors had been performing for admiring audiences for over two decades.

Matching him scene for scene in the movie is the very talented Deepti Naval.

So, if you are tired of mindless “entertainment”,  give yourself a break, grab this movie and witness a fine  gem.

listen amaya


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