Why would I be writing about Mom this close to Father’s Day?

It just turned out that way.  Someone very close to me  lost his mother last week. It was a time of sadness and reflection for him.

He could be happy that she lived a full life and that it ended with very little suffering on her part. But it was also a time when he could not help but  reflect on everything about his life with her, from being a child all the way to the last time that he was with her a few months back.

He said one thing about her that stood out for me –

When I think about it, of all the people in the world that I have any connection with, I know one thing. There is no one who will ever treat me and look at me in that deeply special way that my mom did. No one.

Any one of us who can echo this feeling can thank our lucky stars. Really, is there anything  more sacred and special than a mother’s love?

Mother and Child


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