Two cities that never sleep

How many times have you heard people compare Bombay to New York City? It’s true.  If you care to look, there are many similarities.

Here are just a few of the defining geographic, cultural and social qualities of both great cities –

  • the financial hub of their respective nations
  • coastal (partly island) cities
  • the frenetic pace and bustling energy
  • a melting pot of  diverse cultures and languages
  • a place that attracts immigrants (who come to follow their dreams)
  • everyone is just a number here – not a small town by any definition!
  • the stark diversity (rich/poor being just one of many)
  • art and theater/cinema (different scope of course, what with Broadway – but we’ll throw in Bollywood on the other side)
  • a happening night life and city
  • crazy traffic and the taxi cab culture
  • millions who make each their home
A good friend said this past weekend –Mumbai is just like New York City.  That someone forgot to clean, and by so saying  provided not just a quotable quote, but also inspired this post.  🙂

New York City

Mumbai, India

A few years ago, as I was looking into the far away future, I told myself that having lived in small town USA for most of my life, I would like to retire in Manhattan just so I could feel and live that very different kind of energy.  Most people who heard this (pipe-) dream thought I was crazy.   Now, look what I find myself in…one foot still in small town USA, and the other squarely planted (for the time-being) in the other city that never sleeps.   Serendipity, anyone?


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  2. greetings, outstanding page, and a good understand! at least one for my favorites.

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