Mumbai Welcomes the Monsoon of 2011 [Photos]

There’s something in the air… there’s something very special that has appeared on the scene: Mumbai’s monsoon.

Unlike many parts of India, where it might rain (randomly sometimes) at any time during the year, the monsoons of Mumbai occur like clockwork annually, exclusively from June through September, rarely taking a break once they start.  After the past couple of rainy days, clearly the monsoon season has made it’s entry for the year 2011. You can still smell the wonderful aroma of newly water-soaked earth from the weekend’s rains.

The most striking thing about the Mumbai monsoon for me (this is the second time that I will be here during the entire monsoon) has nothing to do with the water-logged roads or the picture of people trudging in the streets through rain waters – which are up to their ankles or higher.

The most remarkable and noticeable aspect for me are the fresh, clean and bright green leaves of the many trees around the city of Mumbai. They have just had a long overdue bath, washing away the grime and brown dirt that had accumulated, literally over the previous nine months. Therefore, they look squeaky clean, garden-fresh and renewed. Imagine how you would look and feel without a bath for even a couple of days.  And, then after.

Now, it’s like their thirst has been quenched internally, their external bodies have been revamped, and they have generally been revived and invigorated.  They are indeed a feast for one’s eyes. It takes me quite a few days into the monsoon before I can stop noticing their new, dewy freshness.

To give you an idea (and before all this exuberant delight vanishes, as my hair starts to frizz at the sight of all this rain, day after day after day…), here are some pictures of the newly arrived Mumbai Monsoon 2011, taken this past weekend in South Bombay. Can you see what I see?


Beautiful tree-lined and wet South Mumbai Street

Click on the thumbnails below to view images:


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