Bollywood Famine, Movie Feast

I was just thinking that I don’t remember the last Bollywood film that I watched. Although if I search my blog archives, I am sure I could find something.

How unusual.

While in Bombay, this was one of my primary entertainment options during the weekends.

The in-your-face advertisements for the weekend releases prompted me to check out whether there was anything worth my time. Because there were few other options, over time I inevitably watched some of them. Even when I knew that they were not that great, even when I knew that less than 5% were worth my while. It was a good excuse to get out.

All of that has gone by the wayside. My free time has become too precious and there are too many other options for spending it.

I don’t even know what creations have come out of Bollywood for the past few months. Unusual indeed.

No more in-your-face advertisements. If I want to see what’s happening in Bollytown, I need to make the effort to look, and I haven’t had the urge to do so. Not at all. Who’s hot, who’s not? What’s new? What’s old? Who cares?

That’s kinda sad because in my recent past, I did.  Location changed everything. What’s interesting is how quickly things were replaced, how quickly life moved on, with no time for looking back.

I still have my favorite stars so for the sake of good memories of my time in Bombay, I intend to make a date to watch the next Aamir Khan (aka  my Satyamev Jayate hero)  movie – whatever, whenever that is; but surely there will be one, sooner or later.

That will kill two birds – get me back in touch in some small way to the Bollywood scene, and provide me some good entertainment with one of my favorite movie stars.  If Mr. Perfectionist’s reputation and history is anything to go by, that shouldn’t be an ordeal at all.


Meanwhile, as movies go, I’ve switched back to Hollywood and managed to watch virtually every Oscar nominated film. That’s what too many long-haul flights do to you.

Plus once a movie buff, always a movie buff.

And I must admit that of all of them (and Lincoln notwithstanding),  I’m still not quite over the absolute brilliance of Django Unchained.

That one has lingered on.

And on.




Photo Credits:

Aamir Khan with David Cameron, Feb 2013 – By [CC-BY-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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