Hello Mum-bai!

I’m not actually from Mumbai  (and I still say Bombay 7 times out of 10 but that is bound to change now).   Home has been a wonderful American town for numerous years. Much before that, I am fortunate to have spent my early years living in one of the great cities in the South of India.  For the last few years, however, I have had the chance of frequenting Bombay (see, I told you) because of my work.  And what a revelation that has been!

The Sealink and Mumbai Beyond

What’s the first thing you notice about Mumbai?  For me, when I am flying in, the minute that the flight touches down, I immediately smell the city.  It is the most unique smell in the world – I swear, there’s nothing else like it, and I am one of those that have visited many parts of the world.

My life and world have now changed.  I have accepted a new opportunity that brings me to Mumbai.  To live.  Wow!   So, now when the plane touches down, I have to say to myself, I’m home.  Double wow!

Anyway, hello Mumbai…I am excited to be here!  Already, I am beginning to feel your pulse.  I want to really remember this experience.  And I want to talk to others about it. Thank you for accepting me as a new citizen so gracefully and with nary a murmur…now, I’m one among some 19 million others.  Somehow, I feel like you have made space for me.

Photograph Courtesy of vishalphotography.com.


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