Mumbai Monsoon Madness 2012 Begins

A couple of weeks or so ago on the day that I was leaving India to go home for a short visit, it started raining cats and dogs in Mumbai. The timing was right so I figured that the monsoon season of 2012 had officially begun that day.

But during the two week period that I was away, whenever I called the office or my driver in Mumbai to check up on things, I would ask – is it raining? and the answer was always: No. Puzzling!

Then, I returned. On the day of my return, and for a few days after that, guess what? Rain, pouring rain, and more rain! I guess I’m good for something in Mumbai. 😉

But can someone who is more at home here enlighten me please, about the Mumbai-monsoon chaos? The season itself is remarkably regular, like clockwork almost, give or take a few days. Every year, Mumbai monsoon arrives in June and it rains relentlessly for four months. Every year. (And I assume it has been this way for…centuries).

So, how come Mumbai and Mumbaikars are surprised and overwhelmed by it every, single darn year?

How come Mumbai is always caught unprepared for the rain?  

Resulting in its people being forced to endure this way of life –

  • crawling vehicles for miles on end (my usual 15 minute commute is now taking an hour or more)
  • traffic jams so bad – the likes of which you never see in the dry season (even as bad as those are)
  • water logged streets (in the same damn places every year!)
  • potholes
  • more potholes
  • many, many more potholes!


[To get some relief from this, the only advice I can come up with for the frustrated and stymied commuter is don’t look down. Look up instead, so you can admire the beauty of Mother Nature – the rain, the clouds and the bright green, clean leaves].

You would think that after centuries…or even decades…of being super acquainted with the arrival and challenges of this season, there would be some level of preparedness by the city authorities! This is not rocket science after all.

But noooooooo….

Instead it’s time for Mumbai to be ‘surprised’ by the monsoon yet again this year. (And year after year after year…).

Worse still, why and how do the hard-working, tax-paying citizens of Mumbai put up with this s**t? Other than some bashing by mainstream media, I have not seen much from people beyond general head-shaking and muttering about inconveniences. Where is the collective anger and outrage? Where are the riots and revolts? Why are people so accepting and passive about what amounts to government malfeasance that occurs year after year?

I can hear you now…I’m just a short-timer and expat, what do I know?

Well, I guess it’s just time to shut up and endure another installment in the long-living saga – welcome to the 2012 edition of Mumbai Monsoon Madness.


Shifting Gears

Enough about that. How about getting some relief from all this pothole-talk…

Just sit back, relax, get in a different kind of Mumbai monsoon mood, forget about all that chaos I described (I want to!) and enjoy this brilliant music (thanks Eurythmics). I mean it. Really enjoy!


In case Bollywood is more your cuppa tea and only it can put you in the right frame of mind to savor this season, here’s one for you too. Carefully selected, it’s a vintage monsoon melody, with the backdrop of the city, circa 1979 – a relatively pristine and uncrowded yet waterlogged Bombay:


And simply because I’m in a much better mood now, this one’s a bonus, from 1942 Love Story, capturing all the simple pleasures of love…and  rain:


Aaaah, I feel so much better already.  You?




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  1. Monsoons come and go……no need to panic and worry about the distress it causes year after year……its after all the work of ‘Mother Nature’. What can we do??

    Look at Amitabh singing in the rain with a suit…..which normal man does that 🙂

    We would then be missing out on all the rain drenched (sexy starlets and others) songs.

    Jaane do!! Sirf barish ha!! accha hai!!!

    • Oh Ameetha…are you sure you don’t work for the municipal corporation of bombay?! 🙂

      I love the rain! It’s the potholes I can’t get over…

      Anyway, you’re right, music puts a (temporary) end to my frustrations!


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