(Southern) Seasons

Aah, it’s Friday evening and it’s finally too chilly to sit on my balcony for any length of time. But it wasn’t too cold to enjoy a brisk hour long walk. That’s the nice thing about living where I do.


It’s getting to be that time of year when even in the South, it’s out with the sweaters and light jackets.  As much as I am a tropical, summer-loving person, the change of seasons is a welcome affair.

Just one more reason to love the South – there’s really no such thing as a very bad, long winter. So, it’s easy to welcome the cool weather (generally a short-staying guest) and the changing seasons.  Everything is just right.

Just. Right.

You welcome a season, and just when you are getting tired of it, it changes. Like clockwork, and at just the right pace. [Well, in my opinion anyway].

I remember the two years that I was in Mumbai. The only season of any distinction was the monsoon.  And after two weeks, you just wished it to go away. The rest of the time, the climate was hot and humid. The only change was when it got hotter and more humid. [Curiously, my posts and pictures of Mumbai’s monsoon were very popular; it’s almost like all the people from Mumbai couldn’t get enough of it. Any many who were not in Mumbai during that time wanted to see just how bad it was…]

Back in the States, it was easy to get used to the summer months because they were really not much different from Mumbai. But, after a while, the change is relatively  dramatic. And welcome.


Earlier this month, I was in New England during the absolute, perfect time. Not too cold but oh, those colors!  Fabulous.  But living there? Not me! I am not ready for those Yankee winters – snow, cold, ice, colder and then more of the same, for months on end.

It’s different here in the South, the pleasure of changing seasons is unmistakable but so very mild.

I know that people in Southern California (those weather snobs!) think there’s nothing better than their daily perfection. But, come on, day after day after day after day of sunny, dry, cool days…..how boring is that??! How you folks can even enjoy football season in that perfection is beyond me!   🙂

Come to the South instead.

You may end up in a red stateBut the wonder of our seasons is sublime – just the right stuff before they change again. Now, that’s perfection. You can even get over the fact that you are surrounded by red (rednecks and all).

Hey, being a minority is not that bad!

I love it here!

Hmmmm…but, of course, I loved Mumbai while I was there too, so yes, you may take that with a grain of salt. Maybe, it’s just life that I’m loving right now?




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